Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Fight Write: How to Write Believable Fight Scenes by Carla Hoch

Fight Write: 
How to Write Believable Fight Scenes
by Carla Hoch
240 pages
Published by Writers Digest Books
June 11, 2019

Review: Writing a decent fight scene can be pretty difficult. As an aspiring writer myself, I wouldn’t know how to begin.  There is so much to consider that it can be overwhelming. Fight Write by Carla Hoch is a great resource! Writing a fight scene is not just about how to write kicks and punches. There are weapons, fighting styles, injuries, and so much more!  I had not considered many of the things outlined in this book. There is so much to writing realistic fight scenes, such as character motive, weather conditions, where to fight (place), differences in what would kill or just injury someone, weapons and how to use them, etc… 

Fight Write also gives you the vocabulary used to describe the different fighting styles. You learn to think about the Who, Where, and Why of your fight scene for all characters involved. I definitely would recommend this in print because I think it is easier to make notes and tag certain pages! Illustrations would have made this resource even better! A great go-to reference for any author who wants to incorporate believable and realistic fight scenes!

*A DRC was given for an honest review.

Rating: 4 Hearts!

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