Friday, August 16, 2019

Deep Scar Vol 1. by Rossella Sergi

Deep Scar 
by Rossella Sergi
Tokyo Pop: Shojo Manga
August 20, 2019
204 Pages

Plot: Sofia is a quiet young woman who longs for more independence. When she moves to Turin for school, it's her first time away from her family and her boyfriend Luca. But her new roommate, Veronica, leads a life very different from hers: she prefers evenings in the company of beautiful boys! Luca dreads the influence of Veronica and her entourage on Sofia, and especially the presence of the enigmatic Lorenzo, who seems to be a little too interested in his girlfriend. (2019,

Review: I've read many Shojo mangas in the past and if you like this genre (shojo manga), then you may enjoy Deep Scar. It has many similar elements of most shojo mangas - romance, drama, peer-pressure, and a lot of emotional ups and downs between the two main characters. Deep Scar is a romance at heart, but it seems the drama will revolve around the other love interest, Lorenzo. The author does a good job drawing out the tension and suspense of how Lorenzo knows Sofia (even though she doesn't), and why he is trying to keep his distance from her - even though he obviously doesn’t want to. Not much is revealed about Lorenzo in this volume. He is still somewhat of a mystery. I would consider this manga more New Adult rather than Young Adult because the main characters are not in high school. Sofia is in her first year of college and is living with a roommate. She is a reserved girl who has an innocent relationship with her boyfriend Luca. But, you can foresee the drama that will unfold between Sofia, Luca, and Lorenzo, which is what will keep the reader interested in what happens next.

On the downside, the characters do act a little over the top in some cases which is more appropriate when it's for comedic purposes. But, since there is no comedy in this story it just didn't fit well. The artwork is of good quality and you can follow the storyline very well. Overall, Deep Scar is an interesting new manga series that will appeal to readers that enjoy young adult/new adult romance manga. It's clear the themes of this storyline will be more "adult" in nature as the series continues; however, there is nothing explicit in this manga so far. For ages 17 and up.

*A DRC was given for an honest review.

Rating: 3 Hearts!

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