Monday, March 11, 2019

Writing Picture Books (Revised and Expanded Edition) by Ann Whitford Paul

Writing Picture Books 
(Revised and Expanded Edition)
by Ann Whitford Paul
Published by Writer's Digest
November 13, 2018
266 pages

REVIEW:  Writing pictures can be a little tricky and Ann Whitford Paul's book, Writing Picture Books (Revised and Expanded Edition) really helps you to not only structure your story but to identify your audience as well.  This is important because it can directly impact how you write your story - especially in regards to the reading level. The book is organized into six parts. Parts one and two help you to identify your audience before you even start writing, and some early story decisions, such as your outline and characters.  Parts three and four focus on the structure of your story and how your story will be written, including word counts and rhyming.  Parts five and six talk about wrapping it all together, making a mock-up book, and what to do after your done, such as sharing and publishing.  

What I love about this book is that it is full of information that will help you to write, polish, and submit your manuscript for publication.  There is a good section on the publishing business, self-publishing, and even what to do when a publisher makes an offer.  I also liked how the author helps you to examine whether self-publishing makes more sense for you.  This is a great resource for beginners or struggling authors looking for a game changer in publishing more picture books!  If you want to write picture books, then you must read this book!

*A DRC was given for an honest review.


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