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The Last Girl on Earth by Alexandra Blogier

The Last Girl on Earth
By Alexandra Blogier
Published by Delacorte Press
January 23, 2018
256 pages

Plot: Li has a father and a sister who love her. A best friend, Mirabae, to share things with. She goes to school and hangs out at the beach and carefully follows the rules. She has to. Everyone she knows--her family, her teachers, her friends--is an alien. And she is the only human left on Earth.

A secret that could end her life.

The Abdoloreans hijacked the planet sixteen years ago, destroying all human life. Li's human-sympathizer father took her in as a baby and has trained her to pass as one of them. The Abdoloreans appear human. But they don't think with human minds or feel with human hearts. And they have special abilities no human could ever have.
Fit in or die.

When Li meets Ryn, she's swept up in a relationship that could have disastrous consequences. How far will Li go to stay alive? Will she save herself--and in turn, the human race--or will she be the final witness to humanity's destruction? (, 2019)

Review: In Blogier’s The Last Girl on Earth, an alien race called Abdoloreans decided that humans do not deserve to live on planet earth.  Humanity is destroyed, but Li is secretly adopted by an Abdolorean who befriended her parents. Sixteen years have passed and now Li is a teenager and living among the race that killed her parents and species. Her adopted father has helped her to blend in by giving her fake gills and training her to be smarter and stronger than your average human.   But one day, she meets a boy...and everything changes.

The premise of the story was very interesting.  Loved the cover too! However, there were too many things that didn’t make sense.  One thing that was strange to me was that Abdoloreans look and act exactly like humans, except for being stronger and having gills to breathe underwater. Li’s friends spoke and acted like your average human teenagers - jealousy, lust, loyalty, betrayal, etc... I had to keep reminding myself that this was a different species. The romance had potential; however, Ryn immediately fell for Li. He didn’t know her at all until he met her, and admitted he wanted to kiss her the moment he saw her.  For me, romances should be a little more drawn out.
The other thing that didn’t make sense to me was the militaristic society.  The young Abdoloreans in this world spend their adolescence training for a military rank that determines their assignment on other planets.  At the end of their assessment, they are given three different ranks: Officer, Squadron, and Infantry. Very similar to what the human military has. What was not made clear though, was why Abdoloreans are fighting on all these other planets? Are they enemies of so many different species? Why and what made them so superior? 

In addition, how would Li ever get away with fake gills? If this is a species that can
breathe underwater, why were none of the training exercises underwater? Even humans, who have no gills, have underwater military training exercises.  And wouldn't she be worried about a physical?

I really wanted to understand why Abdoloreans were so different from humans other than gills and physical strength.  The ending does indicate a sequel, so maybe many of these questions will be answered in book 2. Overall, the writing was very well done and I liked the POV from Li perspective throughout the book, but the alien race was too much like the human race and the story didn’t have the depth that I was hoping for.

*A DRC was given for an honest review

Rating:  3 Hearts

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