Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A Chronological Tour Through The Bible by Ron Rhodes

A Chronological Tour Through The Bible
by Ron Rhodes
416 pages
Harvest House Publishers

Review: What I like most about Ron Rhodes’ A Chronological Tour Through the Bible are the 5 sections for each passage he covers, such as the key concept, the big picture, transformational truth, a verse for meditation, and a question to ponder. Rhodes also covers 9 Era’s of the bible starting with Era 1 - Beginnings (the updated past to 1800 bc) to Era 9 - The Early church (AD 30-95).  

You get it all from start to finish in a chronological order that makes sense including the many Jewish traditions. This really helps to get a better understanding as to the decision making occurring throughout the bible.  It also provides a context from which to see the importance of certain events or activities regarding the Jewish people of this time. Rhodes also tells you who wrote each book and the estimated year it was written. It really is a great resource for your biblical studies and for having a more well-rounded understanding of biblical history. You will certainly learn something new by reading this book!

*Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.  Opinions are my own.

Rating: 5 Hearts!

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