Friday, September 21, 2018

Pure Skin Care by Stephanie L. Tourles

Pure Skin Care
by Stephanie L. Tourles
256 pages
Published by Storey Publishing

Review:  If you are looking for a DIY skin care recipe book, than Pure Skin Care is for you!  It is packed with 78 recipes and lots of valuable information for every skin type.  From cleansers and toners to masks and lotions, there is something for everyone.  I have combination skin, and I like that Tourles tells you which types of products to use and to avoid with this type of skin.  I never realized that cream cleansers were the best for my skin type! She also covers normal, dry, sensitive, mature, and oily skin types as well.  Each recipe has detailed instructions on how to make these natural and pure beauty products right from home.  She details how to store these recipes and for how long.  She also covers all the materials and tools you will need to get started and provides beautiful pictures throughout.

The second part of the book has all the recipes for cleansers, toners, masks, steams, scrubs, and moisturizers.  There is also a whole chapter dedicated to hands and feet!  A great resource for the all-natural beauty lover!  I also really liked that there was a glossary, more resources, and recommended reading guides at the end of the book.  Definitely a great source of information for attaining that healthy, natural glow without the heavy price tag.  Recommended for DIY enthusiasts who enjoy making their own natural beauty products.   

*Received a DRC for an honest review.

Rating: 4 Hearts!

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