Friday, June 23, 2017

Rise of Fire by Sophie Jordan

Rise of Fire
by Sophie Jordan
294 pages
Published by Harper Teen

Plot: After Fowler is taken by the Dwellers, Luna goes down in the underground after him and what she finds is even more terrifying than anything she's ever heard before. Eager to save Fowler and escape back to the world above, Luna rescues Fowler, but he is gravely injured by Dweller poison.  Luna is sure she has lost Fowler forever.  Desperate to save him, Luna agrees to have Fowler taken to a neighboring kingdom for help. But, when Fowler and Luna's true identities are discovered by King Tebald of Lagonia, the calculating king has plans of his own.  Soon, Prince Fowler is required to complete his previous marriage betrothal to the King's daughter, Princess Maris. While, Luna is forced into an engagement with the King's only son, Prince Chasen.  Either way, King Tebald is determined to secure the uniting of Relhok and Legonia.  But Luna and Fowler have no plans to be apart of either of these weddings and must find a way to escape.  But, with enemies around every corner and Fowler's father, King Cullen, seeing Luna as a threat to his throne, leaving the protection of Lagonia is just as dangerous. Refusing to be pawns in the game of kings, Fowler and Luna are determined to make their own future no matter the cost. 

Review: Rise of Fire is the sequel to Reign of Shadows (review posted August 2016).  There is an epilogue at the end of this book, so it leads me to believe that this is a two-book series.  Reign of Shadows leaves with you a bit of a cliff hanger at the end, but I'm happy to say this book picks up right where the first book left off.  Great storytelling, although there are some questions left unanswered.  You never know why the eclipse happened or if/how it will ever stop.

Most of the story takes place in Lagonia and the threat to Fowler and Luna are no longer the Dwellers, but King Tebald and his political agenda.  He wants to secure his ties to Relhok to strengthen his throne and he figures that if both his children marry the true heir (Luna), or the current heir (Fowler), then he is set either way.  Lots of action, drama, romance and suspense!  I'm not sure what I would call this - a Y.A. romance/horror genre? The story continues with the POV of Fowler and Luna in first person, which I really enjoyed.  The ending felt a tiny bit rushed, but overall a great story.  If you liked/loved Reign of Shadows than you will not be disappointed with Rise of Fire. Clean romance. Recommended for 14 and up!

Rating: 4.5 Hearts!

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