Saturday, April 29, 2017

Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Tale and The Beast's Tale

Belle's Tale and The Beast's Tale
 Adapted by Mallory Reeves
160 pages each
Published by TokyoPop

Review:  I decided to review Belle's Tale and The Beast's Tale together as it is basically the same story, just with different points of view in the separate volumes.  The story line is based on Disney's new live-action movie that was recently released in theaters. You really can't go wrong with TokyoPop.  Their art is beautiful!  Mallory Reeves does a great job in adapting this story in manga form.  If you enjoyed the movie, or if you just love Beauty and the Beast tales, you will not be disappointed with this version. If you saw the movie than there won't be anything new here. But, if you haven't then you will see some differences in the original Disney cartoon and this new 2016 version.  There is more backstory revealed for both Belle and The Beast. So, that was enlightening.  Reeves also gives us some insight as to what the characters are thinking during important parts of the story.  Overall, a great adaptation for Beauty and the Beast fans.

*Recieved a DRC for an honest review.


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