Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Room Love by Heather Wutschke

Room Love
by Heather Wutschke
Published by Capstone Young Readers
112 Pages

Review: Room Love by Heather Wutschke is such an adorable DIY book to make any young girls room from drab to fab! While some projects need parental supervision or permission, most are easy to do for any pre-teen to teen. This book is filled with great ideas that will not break the bank for the parents either! I just loved the stencil pattern ideas for plain wood doors and drawers!  With 50 projects to choose from, your teen will have plenty to do during her free time!  And friends or parents can have fun helping too! Filled with beautiful pictures and easy how-to instructions, Room Love will not disappoint!  Great for girls 10 and up!

*Recieved a DRC for an honest review.

Rating: 4.5 hearts!

Make Your Own Pure Mineral Makeup by Heather Anderson

Make Your Own Mineral Makeup
by Heather Anderson
Storey Publishing
256 pages

Review: This new book by Heather Anderson is a wonderful little gem that we should all have in own home libraries if you love mineral makeup.  Beautiful pictures with tons of useful information about identifying your own skin tone, undertone, etc..  You not only get recipes for your mineral makeup foundation, but also for your eyes and lips too!  You'll learn about ingredients, tools for use, and of course how to make pure mineral makeup that is good for your skin. Anderson also shows you how to get your color just right!  This book is like a manual, so make sure you take some time to read it through.  At first it seems a little complicated, but once your get the basics down and get all the right tools and ingredients together, you'll get the hang of it.

Rating: 5 Hearts!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Homegrown Pantry by Barbara Plesant

Homegrown Pantry
by Barbara Pleasant
Storey Publishing
328 pages

Review: Homegrown Pantry by Barbara Pleasant is a must buy for anyone who wants to start growing their own food at home and learn about food preservation.  This book is organized by chapter and is just filled with information on the different kinds of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that are perfect for your own home garden.  Ms. Pleasant also shows you how to dry, freeze, and can this produce for long lasting preservation and storage.  If you ever thought about starting or even learning more about home food growing, this is a perfect book for you! 

Rating: 5 hearts!