Tuesday, July 19, 2016

No Love Allowed by Kate Evangelista

No Love Allowed by Kate Evangelista
228 pages
(Published by Swoon Reads)

Plot: Caleb has one rule about relationships - Do not fall in love.  When his last girlfriend breaks his number one rule he dumps her.   However, he didn't know that his now ex-girlfriend is the daughter of his father's most wealthiest client.  Not wanting his gap year vacation to Europe taken away, Caleb has to work as an unpaid intern at his father's law firm and attend all their events and parties.  Now, Caleb desperately needs a fake girlfriend to help him uphold all his obligations.  He also needs someone to help keep the match-making mothers of his family's social circles at bay.  Didi Alexander, a recently fired waitress and aspiring painter, doesn't want to have a boring summer and is more than happy to be Caleb's fake girlfriend.  In return, she gets to enjoy parties and wear pretty new clothes.  And pretending to be a gorgeous, rich boy's girlfriend doesn't sound so bad either! But, Caleb makes it clear to Didi that she must not fall in love.  The only problem is, Caleb is having way too much fun with Didi and he can't stop thinking about her.  Soon, Caleb is the one who finds himself in trouble of breaking his own rule!

Review: No Love Allowed was a fun summer read! I really enjoyed Caleb and Didi's characters and how their relationship grew throughout the story. Evangelista added a good mix of romance and humor that really made this book hard to put down.  I liked that Didi and Caleb both had their issues and it was interesting to see how they dealt with them.  Caleb with his family issues and Didi with her health and financial troubles.  I also enjoyed how Didi always remained true to herself, even though her life had a lot of ups and downs. The other characters in the story, especially Caleb's cousin Nathan, were funny and really made Didi's experiences with Caleb even more entertaining. Recommend for readers 13 and up.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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