Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dream Casters: Light by Adrienne Woods

 Dream Casters: Light by Adrienne Woods
436 Pages
(Published by Fire Quill Publishers)

*I received a DRC of this book for an honest review.

Plot: 17 year-old Chastity "Chas" Blake was your normal teenager until one day golden sand started coming out of her hands.  She soon finds out from her mother that she is a Dream Caster.  A being who can not only control dreams, but also create anything she wants from the sand she wields.  But, although her father was a Light Caster, her mother is a Shadow Caster.  Which means, light and dark sand can flow through Chas' hand and it's up to her to choose.  But, being a Shadow Caster means you cast nightmares and not dreams.  And, you don't get to live in the beautiful Light Caster's realm of Revera. So, Chas' mother doesn't want her to be like her because then she will be sent to Oblivion - a place of horrendous nightmares.  When Light Casters find out about Chas, they want to take her to Revera.  But, this means she will be taken away from her mother and that's not something she wants.  

So, Chas' mother comes up with a plan to hide her Shadow Caster heritage, but when she is taken to Revera she is afraid to show her sand because she doesn't know if it will be gold or black.  With the help of Leigh, a mysterious boy from the virtual realm of Revera, Chas is trying to figure out a way to stay out of Oblivion and reconnect with her mother.  But, keeping her Shadow Caster secret is not her only problem. Shadow Casters are looking for Chas and after a few attacks, Chas' presence is starting to raise suspicion among Revera's leaders. Chas' only hope is to hide her dark side by not using her sand.  But, when the world of Revera is threatened to the point of extinction, Chas will have to decide if the life of her friends is worth being exiled to Oblivion forever.

Review: Dream Casters by Adrienne Woods is a very imaginative and interesting story where dreams and nightmares have their own worlds - literally!  I loved the concept of Chastity being a combination of both Shadow and Light.  The backstory of how Revera and Oblivion came to be was a little confusing, but the reader will still be able to get the gist of it.  It will be interesting to see the relationship of Chas and Leigh in the second book.  He is real in the virtual realm, but not in Chastity's world.  So, she mostly sees him in her dreams or when she enters the virtual realm.  I am looking forward to the next book, which should give us more answers as to Chastity's Shadow Caster heritage, what happened to her mother, and Chastity's unique powers. Great start to a new series!  Recommend 13 and up.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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